October Goals and Life Update – Root Canal Fun

September was another great month. It was a great traveling month, a great business month, and St. Louis had great weather all month long.

We spent one week in Colorado at the end of August/beginning of September and it was great. It snowed on us while we were there, but it was still a lot of fun. Wes was able to climb a few 14ers and I was able to do some work for a Colorado client of mine.

We also spent a little less than one week in New Orleans for FinCon. You can read my FinCon recap over on DiversifiedFinances.com. The conference was great and I already bought my ticket for next year. Will you be going to FinCon15?

The weather in St. Louis has been pretty wonderful too. It’s been a nice 80 to 85 degrees everyday with low humidity. Loving it!

It was an expensive month though.

The only bad thing about September was that it was an expensive month.

We had a lot of unexpected expenses come up, and one of them was an expensive root canal. Keep in mind that we do not have dental insurance. Insurance is one of the joys you get to deal with when you are self-employed.

I shopped around and went to two dentists. The first dentist was a total scam artist, and the second dentist even laughed at me for going there. I read reviews on the first person and they were NOT good. I didn’t notice the very bad review/article (someone DIED while in their dentist chair) until after I already had a consultation. Luckily, I went to Wes’s dentist and he was great.

It turned out I had some trauma to my front tooth (I bumped my tooth very hard on a cup) and it made an infection form. It really sucks that something as stupid as bumping my tooth caused this because I am a religious tooth brusher and flosser. The dentist said it had nothing to do with that though and they actually asked if I got hit in the face with something because it was that bad. LOL! Anyway, I got the root canal and didn’t even use any anesthesia. Yup, I am that awesome!

No, I did not choose to do it without anesthesia because of cost. The dentist said I wouldn’t feel anything and even though I was terrified, he was correct – I didn’t feel a thing.

It was also an expensive month because we had to bring our dogs in for their annual check up and shots. Turns out our bigger dog (the one in today’s pictures) is overweight by about 10 pounds, and our other dog has really bad allergies.

Home insurance update – Remember how a few weeks ago I talked about how our home insurance had shot up 69%? Well, I shopped around and I couldn’t find anything cheaper. In fact, everything I shopped around for at other companies were almost double what we were currently paying. I called up StateFarm and they said if we switched our car policies back to them, then they would be able to give us a good deal for combining our policies. Keep in mind we used to have them grouped together but separated them because it was cheaper for us to shop for car and home separately through two different companies. Turns out StateFarm was able to give us a great deal and we are now able to save around $400 a year. Don’t ask me how this works, but I guess they wanted to give us a deal because they knew I was angry and wanted to leave.

September Goals Update

  1. Make $13,000 in business income. PASS. September was a great income month. It was a very busy month, and I was able to add a few new clients as well. I also had my very first on-air live appearance, and it was through Huffington Post. I am very proud of myself for stepping outside my box!

  2. Work out 2 times a week. FAIL. I am just embarrassed talking about this now.

  3. Work on passive income ideas. FAIL. Didn’t create an action plan.

  4. Work ahead on MakingSenseofCents posts. PASS. I have been working ahead and it’s been really great. I love having posts scheduled and not having to worry about them. Even though I love blogging, it can sometimes be hard to actually sit down and write something.

  5. Have fun at FinCon! PASS. FinCon was a blast! I met so many awesome people and reconnected with others that I met last year.

October Goals

  1. Make $15,000 in business income. I’m upping this goal finally. I have some major business goals, and I hope to reach a lot of them. I’ll never get anywhere unless I set goals for myself!

  2. Work out! I’m going to start going on daily walks and riding my bike more. Wes has been doing around 50 miles a day on the trail and he just seems to crank those out so easily. I hope to be at that point someday.

  3. Work ahead on MakingSenseofCents posts. I am still working on this goal. I would like to be at least one month ahead. Eventually I would like to be two months ahead of my big posts.

  4. Eat in 5 days a week. We have been doing bad with this again. We have been eating too much fast food and it’s something we need to work on.

How did you do in September? What is your main goal for October?

Was it a cheap or expensive month for you?

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