Oh Busy Saturday

Lots to do today. Our flight leaves at around 7pm and arrives at LAX a little later. So of course that means that we’ll be spending the night at LAX. We would get a hotel but after we got to the hotel, we would only have around 3 hours before we would have to go back to LAX. So that would not be worth it.

I still have to pack (which will be a disaster), send the last dog off to their home for the next week (I’m incredibly sad to leave my dogs), and give keys to the person who will be watching our house. Hopefully I don’t forget anything!

Of course a Saturday would not be complete without my interesting search keywords:

  1. Dog costumes (this seriously generated a lot of traffic to my blog. I am not sure why.)

  2. Lizards

  3. Friends Forever if you’re a girl

  4. Expensive dates

  5. My guy is upset

  6. And for some reason “girl slapped me driving” is still bringing people to my blog. I do not know why.

Hope you make your weekend a great one!

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