Oh Sunday…

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. I have too much to do today.

The horrible list:

  1. The house is a mess. I need to clean. We have a huge pile of clean clothes on the dining room table. Can’t even see the table right now.

  2. Clean my closet. This is a mess. I’m too terrified to show you guys a picture.

  3. Put stuff on eBay.

  4. Homework. Lots of homework to do today. A lot of my midterms start next week, so this week I have a lot to do.

  5. Meeting with a partner for my group project.We have to do a part of our project and write a little paper. What sucks is that we have to do this every Sunday because we have a project due every Monday in my Banking class. No fun!

What do you have planned? Have a good day!


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