Oh Sunday

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

Here are some interesting search keywords for my blog lately:

  1. Girl slapped me

  2. I don’t want to save money

  3. My student loans disappeared

  4. I hate the snow

  5. I really hate the cold

  6. Bringing lunch to work does not save money

Obviously I talk about how much I hate the cold waaaaay too much. And I’m not sure why someone would think that bringing lunch to work would NOT save money, but hopefully they will read my blog and understand that it does.

I’m not sure how someone googled “girl slapped me” and it somehow brought them to my blog. Oh well! haha

I have a lot to do today. Unlike some of you who keep bragging that you have tomorrow off (I’m so jealous! AHHH), I have lots of homework to do and I still have work and classes. I have my first exam tomorrow in my banking class, and I also have a presentation on Tuesday that I need to prepare for.

Have a good day!


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