Once a month cooking and other spending updates

Has anyone ever done once a month cooking? Do you know of any good links for beginners?

I’m thinking about doing this because the BF wants more snacks and quick meals that he can make really quick for when I’m not home or for when we are both really lazy to make anything that night. I plan on going grocery shopping tonight for things on my list that I don’t have but I need. But I’m not sure on how I should be freezing everything and storing it all? I’m completely clueless, so please HELP!

Also, I went out to eat again. My friends will be the death of me but at least we have fun.

Another thing, I got a Northface sweater that was originally $150 for only $40 at the Plato’s near my house. It had the tags on it and everything, and I sold stuff when I went in so I didn’t pay a dime! I need winter clothes and I’m sure I’ll wear this Northface all the time.

Also, I caved, I went to JCrew and bought clothes, but that’s just a sad story of my shopping habit so I’ll save that for another day. I didn’t spend too much, but I needed work clothes and just more casual stuff also.



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