Our New 2013 Camaro 2SS and $1,713 in Extra Income

Yup, this is our new car.

Happy Monday everyone! To the left you can see our awesome new car. We bought a 2013 Camaro 2SS just in case any of you were interested 😉

This past weekend was nice and fun. And that is great because work is so busy right now that I feel like I’m running around with my head chopped off. Can’t wait until the summer and this is all over hopefully. This past weekend went by too quickly, but oh well.

We got a TON of snow yesterday. On Saturday, I had the windows open and it was nice outside. Then of course we get over 15 inches of snow and it’s supposed to just keep snowing. This really stinks because we just bought the Camaro and of course it can’t drive in this. Snow in the spring time? NO!

Today, we’ll just be sharing the Jeep but that is a hassle since we don’t work at the same time nor work anywhere near each other. I am definitely not looking forward to driving to work, then back home to take W to work, then going back to work and then going home and then picking him back up 4 hours after that. AHHHH!

Also, I have a really awesome guest post about a fellow blogger and her significant other who quit their jobs around 6 months ago to travel the world. They have been all over and her guest post about it goes live on Friday. I know all of us dream about this happening one day, so why not live through her in the meantime? Be sure to come back on Friday!

A lot of you asked for a photo of how our living room looks now


Definitely a lot of spending in the past week. We bought a new car so that is expected! We are happy about one thing though, we thought it would be around $200 per month (at the minimum) for the Camaro’s car insurance, but it turns out that our insurance actually LOWERED and now we are only paying $100 per month for both of us on both the Camaro and the Jeep. That is crazy to think about. I even emailed our insurance company to make sure that was correct, and they said it was.

Everyone told us that we were crazy for getting the Camaro because our insurance should have gone through the roof. For some reason we got lucky so I’m definitely not going to complain. It is sad to see that my old car is no longer in the driveway, especially since my dad help me pick it out just one week before he passed away. Weird memory, I know, but it is still something that I think about. He LOVED Camaros though and had one for nearly half his life, so I’m sure he is super happy that we have a Camaro 🙂

Extra Income (does not include income from our main jobs)

I received approximately $1,713 in payments in the past week. A good week of course. I do feel like I’ve stalled with my extra income, but I am fine with that. I’d definitely rather have it be stable and having only the slightest increases than be decreasing.

Anyways, I’m still at a great level! How are you doing with your extra income? What are your goals with it? Eventually leave your job and do only extra income efforts? Pay off all of your debt? Tell me all about it! I am really interested.

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We’ve been doing really good with our food budget. I still will never say how much we were spending before, because usually jaws hit the floor. Our fridge is super packed with food though and we need to start eating more of it before it all goes bad. I do have a question though, how much do you all spend on food per month? How about per person per month?

Being healthy

I am doing AWESOME with working out. I run at least a couple of miles a day, have been lifting and eating more healthy. It does really help to have our gym in our basement. Do you prefer to work out at a gym or at home? How much do you spend per month of being fit (whether it be gym memberships, a personal trainer, organic food, etc)?

Yes, the upfront cost of buying weights (we spent over $300 in weights alone, plus $300 for the olympic bar), a “cage” to put the olympic bar on (that was another $500 plus $50 for the seat) and around $800 for the treadmill (got it at a MAJOR discount). We paid for it all upfront with extra money so it’s not as though we even noticed it. Saving up and paying for it immediately is awesome! And now we don’t have to waste gas driving to our gym which was 20 miles round trip. AND we can spend that extra time that we would have been driving and just work out instead.

Have you been doing well with your extra income, spending and being healthy?

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