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Lately I’ve been thinking a ton about passive income. A lot of you e-mailed me after my Tuesday post about my extra $3,700 in income for the month of October. A lot of you also asked at what point would I make this a full-time job.

I’m also thinking about this because my friend and I were talking last night and she said that she sees herself working until she’s 90 years old because of the field she’s in and she doesn’t see herself saving enough.

I am really not sure at what point I would even start thinking about it. I would like to have passive income as well just to be safe.

TeacHer Finance had an interesting post as well titled Follow Up: If Your Goal is Early Retirement, You Have the Wrong Goal. This post has REALLY gotten me to think about what my long-term plan is.

I’m trying to gather ideas for a future post, so if you leave a comment below, I will probably include it in my future post.

Let me know:

  1. What you do for passive income now.

  2. What you would do for passive income. Maybe it’s a rental house, dividends, owning a business with other people running it, etc.

  3. What are your retirement plans?

  4. Do your retirement plans include staying where you are now? Maybe moving abroad?

  5. How much in passive income or extra income you are striving for.

Let me know all thoughts that you have!

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