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I’ve been guilty of making the same thing a lot lately. The BF even asked last night when we could eat something new. That’s how bad our boring food nights have been lately. I’ve been lazy and also just haven’t really cared a ton lately. I should care though! This goes in line with my boring food lunch post that I had yesterday. I want to make it a goal of mine to make at least 2 brand new meals a week for us, but that’s hard.

Anyways, here’s what I plan on making someday in the near future (pictures are numbered from left to right):

  1. I love quiche! I can actually make this kind of decent, but sometimes it doesn’t taste as good as other times.

  2. I’m horrible at making pizza (it always turns out really floppy? Not sure why), but I LOVE BBQ chicken pizza. It is so good. I would love it if I could ake this at home.

  3. This potato corn chowder looks delicious! I’ve never tried making something like this before.

  4. Roasted vegetable enchiladas! Looks good and easy.

  5. I actually hardly ever make fettuccine alfredo, need to make it more!

What meals have you been wanting to try and make? Or have you tried anything new?

I bought a crock pot last week! Haven’t used it yet though. Hopefully soon!

My cutting skills aren’t the greatest, sorry guys 🙁

This is my coupon pile. I finally got around to cutting the coupons out of my newspapers from the past month. I tried taking out the ones that are expired, but if there are any left, then I’m sorry about that. I obviously don’t really coupon anymore, and it’s a waste. I’ve just been throwing away past coupons, but this time I’ll just mail them to one of you.

I haven’t really had time to use them, so does anyone want them? Just leave a comment here and I’ll email you for your address, or just email me with your address, whatever is fine! Sorry guys, I didn’t think anyone would want them, but Amanda and Mommy Saves ALOT already said they wanted them. Try entering my necklace giveaway though and maybe you’ll get something for free!

I’m going to mail them out after work TODAY (Wednesday) so let me know soon!


P.S. Check out this giveaway hosted by My life as Liz Taylor! It’s great!


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