Quick Update on Finances/Life

I figured I would do a quick update on my life and finances in order to tie it in with my past posts and help me stay on track.

As you remember from before from this post on how I plan on increasing my income, the BF asked for more hours right after I posted that. Now he completely switched shifts (just as of Monday) after asking for over 2 months so that he could get more hours.

  1. Now he gets a couple more hours a week which will add around $100 to $200 a month (this is on top of the other additional hours), so around $500 a month altogether

  2. And when Christmas comes closer, in November and December he will be bringing in around $1,000 to $1,500 extra each month for those two months due to overtime.

Now that school has started back up, I have found it nearly impossible for me to go to all of the secret shops that I had scheduled. I was frantically trying to get to them all so now I’m just trying to do the shops which are located within 5 miles of my house or work. This will cut my income down from this to around $100-125 a month. Here’s a post with the picture of the check that I received recently for one week.

Our friend also said that they will be moving in with us in September or early October. That’s $300-$400 (haven’t really discussed the exact amount but she knows how much we charged the last person).

And I’m still using Swagbucks of course because it’s too easy. Me and the BF decided we would use this for Christmas for the kids.

So all in all, we will definitely be able to reach our goal of an extra $1,000 a month, and that is without me trying to find a part-time job. I will definitely still be trying to find one, I might just give it more time though.

Also, I’ve been trying to plan my meals out for the week. These pictures look delish and I will make chicken with salsa tonight and chicken Parmesan tomorrow!

Any tips, advice, suggestions on anything? Post any updates in your life also!



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