Raw Spice Bar Review

Recently, I received the opportunity to review Raw Spice Bar. Lately, I have been all about spices and trying new ones to my meals, so I knew I had to try out this new monthly subscription box.

Plus, I love subscription boxes!

With each monthly box, you receive 3 spices that go along with a theme. You also receive recipes that you can use the spices for, which is awesome. This way you can make fun and creative meals all throughout the month each time you receive a new spice box.

This is all just for $6 a month!

I just received November’s box, which is the Ethiopian spice box. Here’s a quick summary of this month’s spice box:

Ethiopian cuisine, with influences from India’s trade routes and Italy’s partial colonial rule, relies heavily on ancient, yet sophisticated spice blends. These carefully concocted blends transform the humblest ingredients- lentils, cheap cuts of meat, vegetables- into the extraordinary, deeply flavored dishes that Ethiopia is so well known for.

Plus, there are many awesome recipes to use these spices with that Raw Spice Bar has included such as Key Wat, Berbere Roasted Carrots, and Pumpkin Spiced Dabo Kolo.

Due to all of the reasons above, I highly recommend Raw Spice Bar and I’m glad I was able to write this Raw Spice Bar review. At just $6 a month, this monthly subscription box is very affordable and it allows you to be a little creative throughout the month with little work. If you’re like me, you can take all of the creativity you can get when it comes to making meals, and Raw Spice Bar allows everyone to do that!

Click here to try out Raw Spice Bar!

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