Republic Wireless Moto E and 3 Months of Free Service Giveaway

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To read about all of the reasons for why I love Republic Wireless, you should head on over to my Republic Wireless review – Saving Over $2,000 A Year With Republic Wireless Review – How Much Money Could You Save?

Republic Wireless is a cell phone company that I’ve been loving on a lot lately. I mean, who wouldn’t? They have cell phone plans starting at the crazy low price of just $5, and they have other affordable plans just slightly more expensive than $5 as well.

So, you can only guess how excited I was to find out that I was given the opportunity to give away a Moto E Republic Wireless cell phone plus three months of complimentary 3G service! This is not a sponsored review in any way, I am just an affiliate who loves their service and they agreed to let me host a giveaway so that someone else can fall in love with them.

Republic Wireless’ Moto E Quick Review

The Moto E is Republic Wireless’ new entry level phone that is the perfect phone for many of us.

It’s not an iPhone 6, I will be honest, but for most of us who only need our cell phones to make phone calls, send text messages, occasionally check e-mails and social media accounts, Republic Wireless’ Moto E is a great cellphone for users.

Here are some things you should know about Republic Wireless’ Moto E:

  1. You don’t need a contract.

  2. The phone is just $99 (unless you win this giveaway then it is FREE!).

  3. It comes in both white and black.

  4. It has a long lasting 1,980mAh battery.

  5. 5-megapixel rear-facing camera

  6. 4.3″ Edge-to-Edge HD Display

  7. 4GB Internal Memory

  8. 3G Data, WiFi

Why I LOVE Republic Wireless

I love Republic Wireless for many reasons. They have extremely affordable cell phone plans starting at just $5, you don’t need a contract, they have great customer service, and more.

The winner of this giveaway has already been chosen. Don’t worry though, with Republic Wireless, everyone is a winner! They have plans as low as $5. Don’t forget to check out my review here if you are interested in hearing more.

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