Saturday and a $1,149 DSLR Camera Giveaway

Happy Saturday everyone! This past week definitely flew by. I guess that’s what happens when you are extremely busy. I don’t really have anything planned for the weekend (at least nothing that I can think of) except for lots of blog and planning for me and my friend’s new business.

If you have any tips on starting a new business, and also starting a new business with a partner, then throw them at me. I have a couple of blog posts in the works about that, but of course it always takes me forever to actually get around to that.

Also on Monday I will have my February extra income and goals update, so be sure to check that out. Every month, my monthly extra income update always seems to be very popular. Is there anything specific that you would like to see in my monthly extra income posts? I want to be as helpful as I can!

Posts on my blog this week:

  1. $1,121 in Extra Income and Life Updates – I did better with my income last week. So many things are going on in my life right now. It needs to calm down 🙂

  2. #Tag: Getting to Know the “Person” Behind the Personal Finance Blog – Do you want to know more about me? Maybe not but oh well. REad this post to learn further about why I blog and why I blog about personal finance.

  3. Getting Out of Debt… With a Plan – I had a guest post on my blog for the third week of my Debt Series. Do you have a plan for your debt?

  4. Is Clutter Ruining Your Productivity? – This is a post by Jordann all about clutter and productivity.

Posts I loved this week:

  1. The Death of the 9-5 Work Week Young Adult Money

  2. Do you ever feel guilty for everything that you have and make? Mochi and Macarons

  3. “Oh you are SO lucky, you must be rich!” Budgets are Sexy

  4. What Bootstraps? Girl With the Red Balloon

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