Saving for Christmas/Holidays

I know Christmas and the winter holidays are not for quite some time, but I know many people who deposit money into a fund specifically for the winter holidays. I have never done this but I feel that this is a great idea, so that the amount you spend at Christmas time doesn’t seem to be as much of a burden.

Me and the BF do not have any kids (and don’t plan on having any for at least another 10 years), but we always end up spending a TON of money around Christmas time. He has a massive family (when I say massive, I am seriously not kidding, there’s maybe 100 of them and there are ALWAYS family gatherings, which I really really do love) and we always buy a lot of presents for the kids.

Last year we decided on a budget of around $30 for each of the kids that we are closest to, but we went way over budget. And then we always spend a lot on each other, way more than we ever bargain for. This year I hope to set a very clear budget for us to follow.

Do you have a holiday fund? How much do you usually spend?


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