Saving money on groceries

Groceries of course can be expensive. I’m trying to keep my budget for groceries around $200 to $250 a month. I still go out for meals every now and then, and the BF has a serious problem with getting fast food everyday. He’s trying to bulk up, so it’s hard to say no if he’s not feeling comfortable with his body.

Here are some ways to save on groceries:

  1. Learn how to cook from scratch. I’ve been trying to do this more, but I’m very inexperienced with cooking, so everything I cook doesn’t always taste the greatest, however, I’m working on this! We’ve been trying to do this, but it’s hard at times!

  2. Use coupons on things that you know you will use. Don’t go crazy though! We really only use coupons on household items, but this has been going good. I haven’t paid more than around around a dollar for shampoo, soap, toothpaste and so on in forever!

  3. Make a grocery list. I usually don’t make a list when I go, and this is probably an area where I could possibly save a lot of money if I made a list.

  4. STICK to this list! See above…

  5. Plan your meals for the week. We’re trying our hand at meal planning. But that’s not going too well. I usually crave something else than what I usually have planned for the night, so that throws everything off.

  6. Grow a garden. I have a lot of friends who have their own gardens and I’m always so jealous.

  7. Don’t let food go to waste. We are kind of wasteful in our house. There’s only 2 of us, so sometimes it’s hard for us to eat everything. If we bought less, we’d save money and less would go to waste.

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