Saving Money on Your Accomodations

Right now we are planning for a short vacation in December. We want to go somewhere for around 4 days (this includes traveling on these days) and we keep going back and forth on whether or not we should even take one.

We save a lot of money on our airfare because of survivor’s benefits that I have, so we don’t have to worry about that. And if we want to drive, gas won’t be more than $300 most likely for the round trip for the vacation.

I would really like to go somewhere warm. So what’s next? OH YEAH THE HOTEL!

The hotel always ends up being our most expensive thing on our vacations.

I had the pleasure of reviewing a new accommodation site called Wimdu. Wimdu allows travelers to see places like a local can. When we last stayed in Miami, we rented an apartment and LOVED it. Being in a local spot with not so many tourists was great. The price was great as well. Windu allows travelers to have a unique travel experience and the ability to get inside tips from your host.

If you’re worried about using something new that you are not used to, don’t be worried. Wimdu has been used by over 100,000 people already! Also, there are a lot of reviews that you can read, so you can know more about where you are going to stay. There are reviews on both the hosts and the homes, so you should be well-informed for when you arrive.

There are also over 50,000 apartments worldwide, so there are plenty of choices. Also, each of these homes have been checked by Wimdu personally and the company provides insurance for damages as well.

I personally love staying in places where there are lots of locals. Everyone always seems to be very friendly and ready to help you.

Have you ever stayed in a private home while on vacation?

How was it?

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