Saving Water

We’ve been trying to save water, and it’s been a lot easier since our roommate moved out around 5 months ago, because he used SOOO much water and our water bill was around 3 TIMES higher than what is was when it was just me and the BF.

I’ve been trying to find ways to cut our water use (to save money and be environmentally friendly) and I found an article on Five Cent Nickel about tips.

Saving money in the:

  1. Bathroom. Our old roommate would seriously take 3 to 4 hour long showers. We would always ask him what the heck he could possibly be doing in there, but he would just laugh. I’m not even kidding about the 3 to 4 hours.

  2. Turn on the water right before you go in the shower, so that you’re not wasting any extra water.

  3. Try to buy shower efficient items so that less water is sprayed but still be just as efficient

  4. Lawn

  5. Try to have more native plants in your hard. Most places aren’t meant to have grass, and a ton of water is wasted on this.

  6. Buy a water efficient sprinkler system

  7. Kitchen

  8. I tend to use a ton of different cups everyday. I don’t know why, I just like a fresh cup everyday. This is really wasteful though because we have to wash more dishes.

  9. Buy a more efficient dish washer.

  10. Laundry Room

  11. Yet again, buy something that is more efficient.

  12. Adjust settings with every use. Don’t have a lot to wash? Put your washer on the smallest setting.

How do you save water? Any tips?


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