School is draining me

Well, two weeks have passed since I started this semester for my MBA. It’s been very tiring. I took 12 credits last semester while I worked 50 hours a week also, but this semester just seems so much more hard. I have barely even had any homework yet, which really worries me. What do you do to stay motivated?

It’s also been harder for me to save money when school is back in session. I go to class right after I’m done with work at 5pm, so I can’t go home and eat. Any tips on what I could do to save money on after work snacks?

Update on my student loan: It’s not going down a big amount yet. If I graduate next semester, then my loans won’t be due until the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, so I’m in no rush to pay those down aggressively right now since only one gains interest. I am paying down the loan that gains interest though.

My car loan is just inching down a little by little. I pay $400 a month but I plan on upping that so that I can be done faster. My car is worth about $5,000 to $7,000 more than the loan amount that I have left. I’ve been wondering if I should just sell it and get a cheaper car, or if I should just keep my car and driver it for long after I’m done paying for it. What does everyone think?

My emergency fund has barely been creeping up due to my vacation last month, but I plan on building it back up after this month. With all of my school fees that I had to pay, there won’t be much leftover this month.

Any tips, advice, or anything about any of this? Thanks!

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