Secret shopping and dinners recently

I’ve been doing a lot of secret shopping over the past 2 weeks and the second picture is some of the stuff that I’ve gotten recently. I’ve had 3 secret shops at Estee Lauder recently and got lip gloss, mascara, face toner, and eyeshadow. And I also got a gift set for free. I love Estee Lauder, so being able to do these shops is no problem at all. However, since I was at the mall, I went to Forever 21 and bought those shoes. They are really cute though!

The dinners that I made were Gyros, Sweet and Tangy Chicken and Tacos. The Gyros were NOT good. I’ve never really been a fan of Gyros, and either has the BF, so I don’t know what I was thinking. Everything else was very good though, and I was very happy with it all.

What have you been making recently?

And I’m sorry, but the picture below has been repinned a thousand times on Pinterest and has cracked me up everytime I’ve seen it.

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