Sell Your Textbooks for Cash!

Hey everyone! With my sister being in college and the fact that I graduated just a few years ago, I know how expensive college is. I managed to pay as little as I could for textbooks, and I never wanted to be one of those students who paid the full price for their textbooks.

I always heard about how some of my classmates spent over $500 each semester on textbooks, and that amount just completely AMAZED me.

It seemed like when I was in school, almost everyone just went straight to the bookstore and paid full price for their textbooks and never really shopped around. Boy, was I different.

I made sure to have a game plan to spend the least amount on books that I could. I always sold my textbooks right afterwards as well. Sometimes I would think about it and say to myself “maybe I’ll want to use these later on.” However, that still has not happened, so I’m glad that I sold them when I did.

I was always able to make a decent amount from my textbooks. And sometimes I was even able to sell them for more than I bought them for, which was awesome because I was a broke college student and definitely needed the money.

The site allows you to sell your textbooks for cash. Pretty self-explanatory, correct? 🙂

This website is mostly used by college students, where at the end of the semester you can compare prices and see which bookstores will pay you the most cash for your old textbooks.

The stores will then send you a prepaid label, you put your books in a box, and in a week or two you’ll have a check back for the total price!

What has happened is that now people are using our site to just sell any books they have. Many people are even going to goodwill & garage sales and finding books, buying them cheap, and then selling them back for a lot more money.

This website even has an iPhone and Android app where you can just scan the bar code on the book that you want to sell.

It will then spit out how much it costs so that you can know right away whether or not you can make any money.

The owner of the website set this up so that you can search how much different stores will give you for your books. It makes it so much easier to sell your books back for the most profit!

Do you always sell your old books back? Why or why not?

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