Some Funny Stuff

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Yesterday the BF was in an accident because of the icy roads, but he’s fine and his car is hardly damaged. The other car was pretty bad though. It was both of their faults (50/50), and he was driving his “bad weather” car. So the BF didn’t really care, and thankfully no one reported anything to insurance and both of them just moved on.

I’m pretty busy today. We’re going to price carpet at a bunch of places and then hopefully get someone to put carpet in before the end of this month. Then we “might” go skiing, I don’t know. It would cost over $200 for both of us to go, and I honestly don’t think I want to go that bad. I’d rather save that money for when I go skydiving because I think that would be more fun for me.

We also have a big empty wall in the living room and we’re going to try and find something to fill the gap. We’re also going to head to the antique store to see if we can find anything interesting for the house.

But I also have lots of homework, projects to work on, and hopefully going to work on finishing my master closet today/tomorrow (see my past post here). I’m determined to not slack off this semester, I think I’m doing good so far with that list that I made the other day of things I need to go in order to do great this semester.


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