Spending Guilt

Whenever I buy something, I always think about it, A LOT! And most of the time I will have spending guilt. No matter what it costs, I nearly always think twice about it afterwards. I have a serious spending problem, but I would like to believe that it’s under control. So now whenever I buy clothes, I always think about it and end up regretting it.

Such as the other day. I went to the mall and found lots of cute dresses, but I put ALL of them away. I’m very happy and I didn’t leave with any spending guilt! Here’s a great article to help you with any spending guilt.

What you can do:

  1. Look at what’s making you feel guilty. Is it clothing items? Electronics? Try to evaluate what it is exactly.

  2. What dollar amount is making you feel guilty?

  3. What could this money be better spent on?

  4. Saving and being frugal is good, but to a point. I set aside a certain amount that I must spend every month. This amount is very low, but it keeps me sane.

  5. Save for a future splurge ahead of time.

How do you get over spending guilt? How much do you spend before you feel “guilty”?



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