Spending, Life and Food Updates…

My spending has been under control, THANKFULLY! We still go out on the weekends (as most of you know, this is my budget killer). We’ve been doing really good though. We spend around $50 on drinks over the weekend and that’s it. Which is a big improvement over a couple hundred every weekend. My friends would always have me buy shots and put it on my tab, but they would never return the favor, so now I just close my tab whenever I’m done, so that I’m not tempted to buy everyone drinks anymore. Kind of annoying when you buy a round and everyone takes it, and then no one buys a round back even though they say they will.

We’ve been doing good with food also. I went grocery shopping last week and I spent around $70 or $80, and this week I bought fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and bread for around $15. So I should be good for another week. I have a lot of ground beef again though, what can I make with it besides tacos, chili and pasta? HELP!

We haven’t gone out to eat at all this week. That’s if you don’t include the daily Lion’s Choice that the BF gets. So we are doing pretty good, I’m happy. Our food budget came in pretty low for the month. We have definitely improved ever since I started this blog, because I realized how much less other people spend on food and how much we are wasting.

I’m still completely addicted to Pinterest, and I waste a ton of time on it everyday. I wish I would have never looked at it!

How’s everything going for you?

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