Spending, Life and Food Updates…

I ate out the other night for dinner. Shhh don’t be mad. I went to Qdoba with friends and I miss eating dinner with them! We’re all on a food budget right now, so it’s not like I’m feeling left out though. I’m glad they are all watching their spending also, because this makes it easier for all of us. My total was around $6.45 I think, so pretty cheap for dinner!

Oh yeah I also forgot I bought new hair products the other day because my hair is so frizzy from my perm. I like my wave perm, I’m just starting to kind of miss my straight, non-frizzy hair. I do like having curly hair though, I just feel like I’m running out of hair style ideas. Any ideas? Also, what do you put in your hair to tame frizziness? And one last question about hair. If you’ve ever gotten a perm, will my hair ever be straight in about 4-5 months or do I have to wait until it’s fully grown out?

Our spending has been good. The BF cannot, I repeat CANNOT, let go of his crazy daily Lion’s Choice habit. It’s only $3.24 a day, but he gets it everyday, so of course this adds up! That $3.24 a day is pretty much the only thing we spend everyday though, as I’m only going grocery shopping every 2 weeks.

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