Spending, Life and Food Updates… 11/13/2011

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. I somehow slept for 14 hours and by time I woke up, I had tons to do. Today is a pretty easy going day though. I have some stuff to do for my classes and I plan on making that Christmas wreath (above) today. Hopefully I actually do that! I’m not the greatest when it comes to doing stuff, so we’ll see how this goes.

Well, last week I signed up for a credit card. I only have 1 other credit card, and it’s boring. There’s no rewards or anything. The new card I have gives me back $300 as a bonus and also 5% on select stuff and 1% back on everything else. So I think this is pretty decent.

I went grocery shopping on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday, I can’t remember) and spent $81. I bought a lot of stuff. We have made dinner nearly every night this. I went and got sushi on Thursday and it was great! And yesterday we went to a Mexican restaurant, but that was cheap ($19).

Alsooooo, me and the BF went shopping yesterday. I needed some new work clothes since it’s getting colder. I bought a pair of Express slacks, LOFT sweater, AE sweater and a shirt from Target. The BF bought a pair of Nikes and that’s all he liked. We didn’t spend a ton but we still spent money on clothes (that we probably didn’t need) but oh well. We’ve been so frugal with trying to pay off my student loans, that I think we deserved it.

Ok so I finally decided about my MBA problems, that I talked about here and here. I’m just going to graduate in the Fall of 2012 and stick with my MBA with a Finance emphasis, instead of just a General MBA instead of taking the rest of the 6 classes next semester and graduating early. Thanks everyone for your help! I’m taking 4 classes next semester, and either one in the summer and one in the fall of 2012, or just take 2 classes in the Fall. So after this upcoming semester, my MBA will be a breeze! Anything interesting happen with you! I hope your weekend is going well!

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