Spending, Life and Food Updates… 12/5/2011 and how our bathroom flooded, help!

The weekend went by way too fast! I didn’t do a ton of stuff so I kind of feel like I wasted it. I haven’t been getting a ton of sleep lately (around 3 to 4 hours a night) because of work and school so I’ve also had a constant migraine. AHHH! Just not good. I can’t wait until my projects and finals are done with.

Update on my closet progress: I haven’t done anything major yet. I started cleaning out my closet and hanging the abundant amount of clean pile of clothes that have been on my closet floor for forever. I’ve been looking for nice/decent bookshelves to put my shoes on, but haven’t found anything I like. I’m wanting something like what’s above. I found something at Walmart, but I’m still looking. My goals for this week are to finish cleaning out my closet and the mess on the floor and start buying stuff.

I need to buy paint for the room that I’m converting into my closet. I think I want yellow and a light gray on the walls. And then I need around 3 bookshelves, nicer hangers, some sort of hanging rack system that the BF can install on the walls, a small couch/chair and a big mirror. I need lots of stuff, but this is all part of my Christmas list.

I also won an awesome giveaway from la vie petite for a gift certificate to Wonton Mommy. I would really recommend checking out her shop, she makes such cute stuff. It came in such cute packaging that I didn’t even want to open it. I got a brooch, flower clip, a newborn headband (for my cousin’s baby), a really cute necklace and a ring! Love it all.

And then the last two pictures are some of the things that I made last week. Stir fry steak and pasta.

Flooding toilet: Also, the toilet in our bathroom flooded and that was quite a joy. It happened right after the BF left for work, so I spent FOREVER trying to get it to stop. I still don’t know why it started flooding because no one used that bathroom since the day before. I was hearing drips and then I walked over and pretty much wanted to jump off a cliff since I knew that I had to unplunge whatever was going on in there.

And no matter what I did, nothing was working. So I eventually had to grab buckets and dump buckets full of water into the shower so that the water would stop overflowing. It completely soaked our entire bathroom and started flooding the basement. WHAT LUCK I HAVE!!!

Then all of a sudden, the toilet flushed and started working again. I’m afraid that our floor and the basement’s ceiling is going to get moldy now. Anyone have any tips with this?

How was your week/weekend?

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