Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 1/16/2012

I hope everyone had a great weekend! You can find my last update right here. Not too much happened this weekend. I didn’t go skiing this weekend either. The BF went to the doctor and he has bronchitis, so we’ll wait to ski another weekend.

I went to a bridal show with my friends yesterday and that was a lot of fun. It was so packed, but there was a ton of entrees, desserts, and drinks to try that were all really good. We’re going dress shopping for her in a couple of weeks also, I just love all of this wedding planning.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my post Why I keep my blog private and other Questions. I love hearing what everyone has to say. And you guys are so nice! I’m glad there are a ton of people who agree with me. I’m also glad that no one hates me for blogging anonymously. I do want to change that, but if I do then of course I would want to hide more of my financial life just to be safe. And I’m also glad that so many people think of vacation the same way that I do (as an investment, a way to relax, have fun, etc). Of course there’s nothing wrong with thinking differently, because I do understand why some people would rather pay off all of their debt right away.

I know I said last week that classes start today, but they don’t, I forgot today is MLK day. So classes actually start tomorrow thankfully! I only go twice this week (I would normally have 2 classes on Mondays).

Only 15 more weeks until the semester is over. That’s what I need to keep telling myself.

Food: I’m going grocery shopping today to pick up some fruits, vegetables, bread and milk. We have been doing pretty good with our food budget. I’ll probably just spend around $20 today because I’m pretty well stocked on everything else. Maybe some chicken too.

The pictures above are some of the things that I made this past week. My favorite burger right now is making small burgers and using Hawaiian rolls as the buns. It tastes so good. The BF said the other day that my dinners have been REALLY GOOD lately. I feel like they are definitely improving also. The fact that I try to take a picture of all of my dinners and post them on my blog for you guys makes me want to put more effort into my food, because I don’t want to post something gross looking of course.

Extra Monthly Income: There’s not a lot of extra income right now. I’ve been making a little more in gift cards from Swagbucks though, which is always nice. Ive finally convinced the BF to use it.

I haven’t posted any eBay things yet, but I have collected what I want to sell. I might just give it all to my sister and have her sell it and then the stuff that I know won’t sell for too much, just bringing it into a local consignment shop and see what I can get from there. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!

Volunteer work: I feel horrible about not volunteering last weekend. They sent me another email the other day asking if I would attend the session next month. But I have to tell them that I can’t because the next couple of months will be insane for me, and I won’t have any time.

Budget Cutting: Didn’t really find anything that we could cut this week. Oh well, I don’t really mind.

Shopping: I haven’t gone shopping for myself in awhile, thankfully. I just don’t even go near the mall and that helps me a lot. I don’t really need anything right now, especially not until it warms up a little bit.

How’s everything going for you?


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