Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 1/23/2012

I hope everyone had a great weekend! You can find my last update right here. Above are some of the things that I made the past week. I don’t follow my meal plan exactly, but I had all of the ingredients above already to make everything. I’m definitely improving, you all should be very proud of me!

I made pretty healthy stuff (healthy for us at least). The second picture is a snack that I love having, cheese and crackers, with strawberries and sugar. My BF thinks it’s disgusting that I pretty much coat my strawberries with sugar, is that weird? It just tastes so good to me! And I love having strawberries in my salad also, sorry if that’s disgusting to anyone.

And I actually made a pizza last week and it turned out great. The sauce was a tad too thick, but I messed up, now I’ll know for next time.

Stuff that I said I was going to do yesterday:

  1. Go to carpet places (doubt this will happen) – Did not happen. Hopefully next weekend.

  2. Homework – Did happen. I finished my homework for the whole week.

  3. Buy another textbook that I forgot about – Did this. With my swagbucks that I had saved, I only spent $13 on my textbook!

  4. Buy a bookshelf – Didn’t do this. We still have 2 shelves to build for my closet though.

  5. Look for a chair that I can attempt to reupholster for my closet – Didn’t do this.

  6. Deposit some checks that I got from secret shopping –Didn’t do this.

  7. I know I said I would stop shopping, but I am planning on going to JCrew today to look for a light blue or yellow button up for work. This will be the only thing that I buy. I’m kind of getting sick of only wearing black, gray and white to work. – Did this. Didn’t go to JCrew though, instead I went to the mall that’s right around the corner from my house, and they don’t have a JCrew. Instead just bought stuff from Forever21 and American Eagle. Only spent $32 though because I had some stuff to return to AE. Did pretty well!

School: Only 14 more weeks until the semester is over. Yes my countdown is a little ridiculous, but oh well. I’m trying to make sure that my homework is done at least a week ahead of time (if I know about what homework is due already), hopefully I keep doing this!

Extra Monthly Income: I’ve been making a little more in gift cards from Swagbucks though, mainly due to wonderful people like you giving me referral points, love you guys! I’ve also made a decent amount from advertising this past week, it’s really been great. Like I’ve said before, I didn’t get into blogging to make money, I blog to share stuff with you guys and improve myself. If you have any opinions on advertising, please let me know, I’m open to all opinions.

I finally started taking some pictures of the ebay items. Lets see how this goes! My sister is also selling stuff for me on Craigslist, but lets see if I actually get to see any of this money.

Family: My sister wants to move in. I told my sister I would charge her $200 a month, but my plan is to just keep all of this money saved in a separate account and then give it to her when she eventually moves out (if she ever even moves in) and then she will have a lot saved for her very own emergency fund. I definitely don’t want to make any money off my little sister, especially since she’s been through so much already.

Budget Cutting: Just like last week, I didn’t find too much that I could cut this week. We’ve definitely been saving money by not eating out and our lazy weekend helped us save money also.

Shopping: I went shopping (like I said above), but I didn’t spend a lot. After the return I had, I only spent $32. I bought a dress, a button up, a v-neck, some lady things and socks. Not bad, not bad. This is all I really plan on buying for awhile.

How’s everything going for you?



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