Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 1/30/2012

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was pretty lazy. My stomach ache came back on Saturday night and I ended up sleeping for around 14 hours. Thankfully it’s gone again.

I didn’t cook a lot this past week because I had the stomach flu. The thought of cooking made me sick. I cooked just a little more then what is above, but that’s the only thing that I took a picture of. I definitely did not follow my meal plan exactly because I was sick, but no food in our fridge went to waste.

Also, don’t think I forgot, but I still plan on updating you all about what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I still haven’t heard back from the police, so I don’t really know what’s happening with that.

I also had a question for you all. Is there anything that any of you want me to talk about? Any personal finance topics, fashion, work, career, college, food or anything? Any topic is fine. Something you want more information on so that you can improve yourself? Let me know!

Stuff that I said I was going to do yesterday:

  1. Go to carpet places (doubt this will happen) – Did not happen. I think I’m just going to forget about this until we actually have time.

  2. Lots of homework to do this weekend – Finished this last night.

  3. Buy a bookshelf and build the others – Did not buy a bookshelf, but we did build one of the two that we got for Christmas. I need to start working on my closet

  4. Deposit some checks that I got from secret shopping and surveys – Did this finally.

  5. Put frames up that I bought a super long time ago – Did not do this. I want to rearrange, so I plan on doing this first.

  6. Clean the house ugghhh – Cleaned a tad. Still a lot more to do.

School: Only 13 more weeks until the semester is over. I’ve definitely been on top of everything school related so far. Classes were pretty brutal last week, since I had the stomach flu. Nearly all of my professors have mandatory attendance, which really sucks. This is a graduate MBA program, if I have to miss a class, then I should be able to. I am old enough to make my own decisions. So instead, I had to show up and I probably gave everyone the stomach flu.

How’s school going for everyone else? I’m going to sound like a loser for saying this, but I get super excited whenever I start doing homework, just because this will be one of the last times that I will ever have to do this. Whenever I’m in class I just keep thinking that I only have TWO more classes after this semester until I have my MBA.

Extra Monthly Income: Swagbucks has been going nicely, still thanks to all of my lovely referrers. Thanks guys! I definitely recommend putting a referral link on your blog.

I’ve also been doing more secret shops and this has been nice. Bestmark recently increased their phone call shops (which literally take 1 minute to complete and about 5 minutes on the survey), so now I’m making $5 per shop. And last week I did about one of these a day, so that’s pretty easy money. I just do them during my lunch break. I also had a secret shop at a nice restaurant with the BF on Saturday, and that was nice also. We were going to go out and eat anyways, so it’s nice that it was nearly free! Have you been secret shopping?

Family: I haven’t talked to my sister about moving in since last week. I have been talking to my mom more, but it’s still pretty hard since I have so many built up feelings about everything. I really don’t want to ruin things more with my mom, so I’m trying to fix their problems first, before my sister has to resort to moving in with us.

Budget Cutting:We haven’t cut anything out recently. We’ve pretty much cut everything or lowered everything that we can. Maybe we will find something else soon though!

Shopping: I don’t think I went shopping at all last week. Being busy with work, classes and having the stomach flu definitely restricted me from shopping.

How’s everything going for you?

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