Spending, Life, Income and Food updates…

Happy Monday everyone. The weekend went by quickly and summer is flying by.

Went out to eat everyday this weekend (yes I know, bad), had a dentist appointment on Saturday morning, cleaned around the house and a bunch of other stuff. It’s still way too hot to do anything outside. These 105 degree days (which have been everyday for over a month) are getting very annoying.

My updates:

School: Only 2 more weeks until I’m done and then I’ll have my MBA. It’s getting so very close! I only have three projects left and that is all. 2 of them are due tomorrow (which are already complete!), and then I have a paper. I think

I decided not to walk at graduation. We are just going to go out to eat and celebrate that night instead. This is what I truly want, I’m just not that interested in walking since I already walked for my undergraduate degrees.

Spending: I bought a shirt from Urban Outfitters yesterday. It was originally $54 and I bought it on sale at $21. It was something that I’ve wanted for awhile though, so don’t hurt me. I also did buy a shirt from American Eagle. I had a gift card and signed up the for the free shipping service that they offer. so it was FREE.

I did sell $50 worth of things to a consignment store as well. And I sold my Versace purse. I didn’t sell it for as much as I’d like, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle so I sold it directly to Bag Borrow Steal. And I also know that they will sell it for 4 times the amount that they are giving me which is a little disappointing as well.

Extra Monthly Income: I made a little last week. $50 from clothes, $50 from 2 purses that I sold on eBay, over $100 from my blog, around $50 from secret shop phone calls and a little bit elsewhere. So around $250 last week (not including my Versace purse, because they still have to inspect it and if they send it back then I don’t won’t to include it as income just yet), which is definitely not bad at all.

I also signed up to be a staff writer for another blog. That will be fun and I will finally get my name out there on another blog.

I’ve also started thinking about getting into blog button sponsorships. Does anyone else do this? How is it working for you? I sponsor a couple of other blogs and donate things for group giveaways,

Also, check out See Debt Run’s $40 giveaway!

Budget Cutting: I didn’t cut out anything. Not sure if you noticed on my twitter, but the other day I noticed that AT&T charged me $10.50 for asking them to discount my internet. No one told mw when I asked for a discount a month ago that I would be charged for asking. They gave me a $4 discount, and charged me $10.50 for asking. I asked them to take the $10.50 charge off because that is possibly the dumbest charge that I’ve ever heard of, and they did.

Food: We are doing better, but still not the greatest. We went out to eat way too much this past weekend. BWW, Applebees, Sushi, Subway, a Mexican restaurant. I don’t know what got into us this weekend.

Being healthy: I have done nothing lately. That is all… I need to start doing more Blogilates! What good healthy websites and food websites do you look at? Share them with me 🙂

How’s your spending, working out and extra income going?

P.S. Check out my blog sale and my blog post titled “How I Make Money Blogging.” Also check out my post on My Multiple Incomes.


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