Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates…

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve been feeling really busy lately. Just looking at my list of things to do on my phone is stressful. I hate having a list, I would just like to delete it all!

My annual review at my work keeps getting pushed back because we’ve been really busy the past month, but it’s finally tomorrow. I’m nervous, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just always get nervous before an annual review.

I haven’t really started studying for my work test, but I need to. The test is in August but it’s 2 days after Vegas, so I wouldn’t be able to study for it right beforehand for too long. My goal is to actually start studying for at least 2 hours a day until then.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do, but I promise that I did cook everyday. And sorry that the food looks gross in the pictures, I’m not a good food picture taker 🙂

Check out my last update here!

My updates:

School: Only 7 more weeks until I’m done and then I’ll have my MBA. My goal for the rest of June is to try and do as much homework and as many projects as I can. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed when my July class starts because my classes do meet 4 days a week right after work, for a little over 3 hours a night. I want to make July as easy as it can be!

Extra Monthly Income: I made a good amount last week. Around $150 altogether from my blog and from secret shop phone calls. I’m still getting tired of the secret shopping, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of good ones lately.

Budget Cutting: I called a bunch of places early last week to cut some expenses out of our budget. I cut out our gym membership finally! We’ve only gone once since Halloween. That’s a savings of $33!

I also called AT&T and received a discount of $4 off our internet. This isn’t a huge discount but I’ll take a discount if there is one.

And last but not least, I called our satellite company and they offered $18 off a month plus half off HBO. WOOHOO for the savings! We already buy HBO every month (mainly for True Blood and Boardwalk Empire), so it’s not like we had to add an extra expense to our budget. I’m super happy about this discount.

However, the other day, AT&T U-Verse came to our door and are offering a faster internet and cable (for 4 rooms, DVR for all, and 54 premium movie channels) for $114. I would also get a $400 Visa Gift Card for signing up. Should I sign up for this? I’m very tempted because it’s only slightly higher than what I pay now and I get so much more.

Spending: I can’t think of anything that I’ve bought this past week. I did buy our flights to Vegas on Friday because I found flights for only $100 for each of us. So I did front around $450 for 3 other girls who are going, but they will pay me back and I’m not too worried.

We were just going to fly for cheap (almost free) with my survivor benefits from my dad, but I decided I’d rather not try to get 3 other girls on standby (the other girls are coming on the next day so they aren’t flying with us). $100 is too cheap to pass up, but this all came out of my vacation fund anyways.

Food: As I said yesterday, we’ve been doing GREAT with our food budget. I think this is something that we can definitely do every month (or at least for the near future). Food at home is good so I’m not missing out on anything.

Being healthy: I’ve been doing surprisingly well with this. I’ve been watching the amount of junk food that I’ve been eating and I’ve been doing TONS of ab and leg workouts. WOOHOO!

How’s your spending, working out and extra income going?


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