Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 2/20/2012

Happy Monday everyone. I’m extremely jealous of those of you who have today off. I finished everything that I said I was going to do yesterday. I still have to prepare for my group project a little more that’s due on Tuesday.

We went out on Saturday night and had a lot of fun. All of the girls went to a bar to dance and all of the guys stayed down the street at a sports bar. Lots of fun! Didn’t end up doing anything for Mardi Gras because spending over $200 just did not appeal to me at all.

All weekend long, me and my friends were imagining our Vegas vacation in August. Anyone else going in August? It’s so far away but I can’t help to think about it ALL the time. I’m so excited.

My last update can be found here.

Here are my updates: Getting rid of my work outfit laziness: I know I told you all that last week I failed at this, but guess what, I failed again. I definitely did not take a single picture. Which is probably good because last week I was kind of lazy with my outfits. I will change that this week! I promise.

School: Only 10 more weeks until the semester is over. My classes are going well but I’m starting to feel really overwhelmed with all of my homework. I’m in the process of making my summer schedule and it’s making me super excited. I just need 6 credits in the summer and then I’m completely done. I don’t think I’m going to walk when I graduate. Did anyone else walk for their MBA? I’m just not really feeling the need to and considering that the actual big commencement won’t be until the following spring, it just seems a little long to wait for that.

Extra Monthly Income: A lot of you have been asking me if the secret shop company that I use ia legitimate. So I posted a picture above of a check that I received on Saturday. This was for 1 week of mystery shopping. I mainly just do the phone call shops now as they are the easiest and don’t require me to spend any money. Some of the above check was from one of my Estee Lauder secret shops though.

Budget Cutting: Definitely haven’t took anything out of our budget, but have added to it. I’m making a post on our new car costs and you should see that tomorrow.

Shopping: I don’t think I did any shopping this past week. It’s kind of hard to shop now that I’m always busy when stores are open. But that’s good! I want to buy some cute swimsuits and other vacation/spring clothes though.

The BF did buy a car on Friday night, and that will be in a post tomorrow as well. I don’t want to make this post today super extremely long!

Food: We went grocery shopping last week (two times) and the second time I spent $83 I think. I needed to stock up on a ton of pantry items because I realized our pantry was SUPER empty. Literally nothing to eat in our house besides fruits and vegetables.

How’s everything going for you? P.S. check out this Tropical Traditions giveaway!



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