Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 3/12/2012

The weekend went by too fast! I hope everyone made it a great one. I didn’t do too much, I was feeling super lazy. The time change definitely felt horrible and yes I realize that it’s only 1 hour but it’s one hour closer to work and classes.

Our vacation is less than 2 weeks away! So exciting. I’m so glad I used a vacation week at work so that it would coincide with my spring break from classes. We’re still trying to decide on where we want to go. Yes I realize that it is very soon. However, we of course fly standby so that we can get first class free (nearly) tickets (through my dad’s retirement benefits), so we usually have to plan at the last second. But that never bothers me because then I can check the weather relatively soon to the day that we leave.

Also, would anyone want to guest post for me while I’m gone? I’ll be gone from the 24th until the 30th most likely, and I would like to have a couple of posts scheduled. Let me know!

My last update can be found here.

Here are my updates:

Getting rid of my work outfit laziness: No pictures still! I would just take this off my updates but I feel like with my horrible memory, then I would just forget about it completely.

School: Only 8 more weeks until the semester is over. I have a midterm today and another mid-term next week and then I should be good for around a month! This semester has surprisingly gone by super fast. Summer registration starts soon so my adviser will be signing me up for my last 2 classes. I already got the OK that they were good to complete my MBA, so I’m happy.

Extra Monthly Income: Ugh horrible in this section. I’ve had some sponsor posts, but I keep forgetting about them. I need to do better with this and put it in my phone so that I can remember. I also had some other blog income which totaled around $200 this week, so not bad at all! I’ve done a couple of phone call secret shops as well and made around $25 this past week form them. I haven’t had time for any surveys though.

Budget Cutting: We didn’t cut anything out, but we definitely added stuff. The BF got an iPhone last week and that added another $30 to our cell phone bill, so now it will be around $130 a month for our phones. AH so high! I do want to see if maybe we can negotiate with AT&T to get our bill any lower. We are on the lowest package though and have a ton of rollover minutes because we usually don’t have time to make phone calls until night time (and by then they are unlimited and free).

Oh yeah, I did talk to the BF about his crazy eating out before work everyday and buying alcohol everyday after work. He has been spending around $20 a day on this, and he didn’t realize how quickly it was adding up, so I made sure to point it out to him the other day and now he understands. I don’t know why he started doing this again this week to begin with! Ha oh well, it is fixed now.

Spending: I still need to finish going through my closet. Whenever I try to find something to wear, I end up hating it all, so I don’t know why I have such a hard time getting rid of it. I always tell myself “I might like it for the summer!” False, that has yet to happen any year in my life.

I did go to Forever 21 on Saturday, which is always a disaster. They had really cute spring clothes so I bought a lace skirt (which I’ve been eying like crazy on Pinterest) and 2 dresses. Now do I need 2 more dresses to add to my 57+ dresses that I already have? Probably not, so I’m going to return one. F21 doesn’t let you exchange for cash back, so I’m going to get a shirt instead. Yes still the same amount of clothes but I could use shirts more than dresses.

Food: I’ve really been making good use out of the crock pot! Loving it. I love being able to just dump everything in and then it comes out perfect hours later. I also went grocery shopping on Friday after work. Spent $70 but we should be good for the next week. We also hardly ate out for the past week, we’ve been doing really good.

How’s your spending and food buying been?



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