Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 3/26/2012

Hey everyone! We’re in Kauai. Super late post today, but hey it’s only around 10 am here.

He’s sleeping right now, so I figured I had some time to do an update. I’m about to leave to go lay out though, because he probably won’t wake up for a couple of hours.

I’m uploading pictures everyday because I plan on bringing my camera underwater for snorkeling (I bought a case), and I’m afraid it might damage my camera, so I won’t to upload everything as I go. Some pictures are super blurry because I took them with my phone, oops.

We got here around noon yesterday. The bartender will most likely be the end of me. The drinks here are so good! And he gave us some free drinks yesterday so that was nice also. Drinks are sooo expensive though (around $15 a pop), so we went to the store yesterday and right now our fridge is stocked full of alcohol. Also, we have some plans today. Queen’s bath and some hiking. And of course laying out and getting some sun.

Also, I read AND finished Hunger Games while at the airport, so good! I am extremely proud of myself (and so is the BF), because I NEVER read. Most of you know this, it’s extremely sad. The last book I read all the way was one of the Narnia books I think, and that was back in middle school. Very sad!

My last update can be found here.

My updates:

School: Only 6 more weeks until the semester is over. I have a test next week and a couple of projects due. I need to find time to do this when I get back. Hopefully the time change doesn’t kill me (5 hours difference) and I am able to do everything on Sunday when I get back. I can’t wait until the semester is over!

I’ve been trying to calculate my expected grades from my classes for this semester, and I think I’ll have an average of an A minus to a B plus. Not the greatest, but oh well. I haven’t been trying the hardest. I should be though. Overall for the whole program, my GPA will probably be around 3.6. Does anyone know what a “good” gpa is for an MBA program? I know it all depends on what school you go to and so on, but I’m just wondering.

Extra Monthly Income: Not a ton in extra income last week, but I’ve already reached my goal for the month. Any extra would be lovely though!

Budget Cutting: Definitely did not cut anything last week.

Spending: I did not sell any clothes last week. I was too busy. I need to do this right when we get back.

Food: We did good with this last month. And we will try to do good with this while on vacation.

How’s your spending going?


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