Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 4/16/2012

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was full of everything. I didn’t go camping though because it rained pretty hard over the weekend. Also, I want to thank everyone again for all the e-mails and comments that I received on my inheritance post. You all are very nice and I need to keep everything in check.

I failed at taking pictures this week. I thought I took some but I guess I didn’t. So instead I supplied you all with more Kauai pictures.

Also, I’m sad to say it, but over the next couple of weeks (until school is over), I will most likely have to cut down on my blog posting. But right now I blog a lot (EVERYDAY), so I bet all of you want to hear from me less anyways. I’m thinking of just posting 4-5 times a week for the next 3 weeks.

Things I need to do before the semester is over (and yes you can believe I haven’t started any of these):

  1. Fill out graduation forms

  2. 16 page paper

  3. 15 page Accounting paper (possibly the most boring paper on earth)

  4. Yahoo fall-out analysis paper

  5. Banking simulation wrap up and 15 page paper

  6. Weekly homework and studying for finals

  7. And of course being at the office 45 hours a week on top of all of this

So if anyone wants to guest post for me over the next couple of weeks, send me an e-mail please!

My last update can be found here.

My updates:

Getting rid of my work outfit laziness: Still doing good! I am starting to feel like I need more work pants though, but I’m sure if I searched in my closet that I could find some.

School: Only 3 more weeks until the semester is over. So close! It’s unbelievable. I have a crazy amount of homework and papers to do though. When it’s over I’ll be extremely relieved, I’m sure my work will be happy too because right now I seem so not focused. Who else is almost done with their semester? I definitely am ready for summer time.

Extra Monthly Income: I don’t think I had any extra income this past week. I was supposed to do around 4 or 5 sponsored posts, but I kept forgetting. They were for around $25 each though so I feel pretty stupid for forgetting about them again. I won’t be forgetting about this anymore though, I promise!

And I finally reached $100 in Adsense! Whooo hoo that took forever. How long did it take for you to reach your first payout?

Budget Cutting: I didn’t cut anything out of our budget but I did notice that my gas usage has gone down by a TON. Right now we are only spending about $200 a month on gas (for the both of us), instead of $300. WHOO HOO! And I’ll be making a post soon on how we were able to cut down on our gas usage by so much! I’m going to put that extra money towards student loans for now. Has anyone else noticed their gas usage going down?

Spending: Didn’t spend too much this past week. It’s been a pretty good week with this! We went out a couple of times but it was cheap every time.

Food: Our food spending for the month has been extremely low. I think we’ve spent less than $250 so far this month, and that includes both entertainment and grocery/household items shopping. I did spend around $80 on Friday on groceries though, but we should be good for awhile.

Working out: This is a new section that I’m adding to my update. I’m adding this so that every week I can feel horrible about myself if I don’t work out. This is something that I REALLY need to work on. My friends have been working out a ton. They keep telling me how great they’re feeling since they’re eating better and everything. They do zumba once a week, workout 3 times a week, and swim laps once a week also.

I’m so jealous. I’m super unhealthy. I eat the most random stuff everyday and it cannot possibly be healthy for me. My goal is for me to join them at least 2 times a week, and then when school is over, to go every time with them.

How’s your spending going?


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