Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 4/30/2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Of course it went by too fast. The weather was horrible here (we had 80 mph winds, a tornado touched town and we had baseball sized hail). But, my friend came in town and we all had a lot of fun.

Above pictures: Enchiladas; chicken with mango salsa and rice; the same again but I brought it to work the next day; Pesto chicken with zucchini and roasted potatoes; salad with strawberries; steak.

I’m finally on top of school work because I have nothing left besides studying for finals now! Whoo hoo! Am I the only one out there who would prefer to have a final than have a normal class with homework? I hate listening to lectures.

My last update can be found here.

My updates:

Getting rid of my work outfit laziness: Still doing good with this! I would like some more slacks though, and maybe a couple more cardigans.

School: Only 1 more week until the semester is over. Wow! When I started this countdown, I was at 16 weeks. This has flown by! I plan on doing an end of semester related post soon. All I have to do now is study, study, study. I have a test and a final this week, and then 3 finals next week.

Extra Monthly Income: I didn’t make too much last week. I’ve been so busy and haven’t had any extra time. Bestmark is starting to have better secret shops though and you can make $70 for interviewing customers for 3 hours. I’m definitely going to start doing this when classes are over because they don’t start until 5:30, and I get out of the office at 5. Sign up for Bestmark if you haven’t yet, and please use my referral code if you do! It’s MO4999.

Budget Cutting: We haven’t cut anything out in the past week. I looked into increasing our car insurance deductibles in order to save money but it turned out that we would only save around $3 every 6 months, so I thought that sounded stupid. What are your deductibles at? Right now ours are at $500 each I think.

Spending: I didn’t spend too much this past week. I still need to return those items to Forever21 though. I’m thinking about keeping the blazer that I bought from there, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. I think I only have 1 week left to return the items, so I need to decide soon. I didn’t buy any clothes this week either. My friends came over the other day and they always laugh at my closet. I need to sell stuff really soon.

Food: I spent a little over $100 last week on groceries, but it should last me this whole week. I bought a TON of fruits and vegetables. I love Aldis also, strawberries were only $0.99 last week!

Working out: I’ve definitely been doing more with this. I run with my dog a lot and I try to do a little strength training and ab work before and after work everyday. It’s not much though, maybe only 30 minutes a day.

How’s your spending going?


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