Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 5/21/2012

Today is my birthday! Finally the big TWO-THREE. I had friends come in town on Saturday and we had a little party at our house then went downtown to bars. It was fun plus I spent nearly nothing, so it was a win-win and a lot of fun.

We’ve haven’t been able to cook much this past week due to the plumbing. We have someone coming over this morning to replace the rest of the pipe. So I’ll know today if finally everything is done. We decided to pay someone to come over and replace the rest of the piping in other areas so that it doesn’t happen again.

My sister also moved in on Friday. It’s been going good so far. We didn’t know that she was going to move in so quickly but she did. Living with my sister is definitely different since I haven’t lived with her in around 10 years. I’ll keep you all updated 🙂

My updates:

School: Still no more classes until the middle of June. WOOHOO! And I got my grades back from the classes that I just finished. I have a 3.5 overall GPA right now. What’s considered a good GPA for a Finance MBA? I’ve looked online and most forums have said different things. I’m not going to look for a new job once I graduate (I’m going to stay where I am now), so I don’t know how important a GPA is. Extra Monthly Income: I made around $200 between my blog sale and sponsored posts last week. This is all that I’ve really made for most of the month though. Definitely not bad either though. I signed up for a lot of secret shops for the next two weeks and will earn around $160 for those. Most are phone call shops, but one is a nice restaurant. How’s blog income going for everyone else?

Budget Cutting: No new savings here! Hopefully we’ll lower our cable bill soon.

Spending: No extra spending here. Besides with the plumbing. We’ll find out tomorrow how much everything will cost once everything is done for. More of the wall is coming out (around another 4 feet) and of course that will cost in additional piping and replacing the wall.

Food: We’ve spent a lot on food in the past week because of our plumbing problem. We’re too lazy too hand wash things in the bathroom (and that just kind of grosses me out), so we’ve been eating out for nearly every meal. Never again will I take my kitchen sink for granted…

Except, we did grill last night and that was tasty. We fed 5 people last night for around $13 altogether. Not bad! We definitely need to grill more.

Working out: Haven’t worked out this past week. I need to get on that though. Once everything is done with the plumbing then I’ll have more time. Yes this is yet another excuse!

How’s your spending going?



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