Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates… 5/7/2012

Hey everyone. The weekend went by way too fast. Yet again I slept an insane amount and I don’t know how/why. We did a lot of things around the house (cleaned up and mowed the front and back yards, pulled weeds, cleaned the house and garage, etc).

I have lots of questions in my updates today, so answer away if you can help! I always like posting questions in my updates mainly because I know many of you have the same questions. So at least some of us can all get helped at the same time!

It was also extremely hot. If you’re from the STL area, you know how humid and disgusting it gets outside. It was between 90-95 all weekend with disgusting humidity.

We didn’t really do anything for Cinco either. Our favorite Mexican restaurant had a couple hundred people just waiting in line outside so we decided just to eat something else. It was way too hot to wait outside for food. Oh well! What did you do?

My sister is moving in soon as well. She started bringing over small things yesterday. We finally decided that she would give us $250 a month and that would include everything. I feel weird taking money from my little sister, but oh well. She is 19 and is an adult. Do any of you live with a sibling? How did it go or how’s it going?

Anyways, the above pictures: Green Chile Enchiladas and mango salsa. Mango salsa is so yummy, so make it if you haven’t!

My last update can be found here.

My updates:

Getting rid of my work outfit laziness: Still doing good, but I was a tad lazy with my outfits last week. Now that it’s hot out, I’ll definitely be wearing more skirts and cute office clothes. I haven’t been to H&M in what seems like forever, I’ll probably be going soon for new work clothes.

School: NO more classes! This is my last week of classes! How nice it’ll be to have a whole month off. Just going to the office instead of rushing to class after work will be extremely nice. I’m sure my work will love that I’m not as stressed as well. Is anyone else done?

Extra Monthly Income: I don’t think I made too much last week. I made around $10 in secret shops and surveys, but that’s all. I had more sponsored post offers, but they weren’t extremely relevant to my blog. Most of them came from Blogvertise.com. Have any of you ever used them? From what I see, they don’t offer a whole ton, but they also only want extremely short posts, so that makes sense to me.

I also sold a book yesterday, but I wouldn’t consider that all “extra income” just because I paid for some of it with cash and some with swagbucks at the beginning of the semester. But I did make $135 yesterday!

Budget Cutting: I don’t think I’ve cut anything out. I still need to call the cable company and see if we can lower our bill since our contract is up soon. If they won’t let us have one of the “new customer” deals, then we will most likely just go to another company because we can probably save $30 a month if we switched.

Spending: Didn’t spend too much this past week. I do still need to return those items to Forever 21. I only have a couple more days to do so I think. I really need to check the receipt! I’m hoping the day hasn’t passed.

Food: The only thing I really spent money on was food this week. Probably bought something everyday, whether it be lunch at work or dinner with friends. I was just not hungry for too many things that we had at the house. Spent way too much! This week we really need to work on lowering this.

Please give me new recipes if you have any that you have loved lately! I feel like I’m running out of ideas.

Working out: I don’t think I did any type of workout last week. I just felt really busy. Classes end soon and I have to promise myself that this will change. I wouldn’t gone running with my dog but it was just so hot and I’m not used to the hot weather yet. Just last week I wore my coat one day. I hate the changing Midwest weather!

And my sister is already super skinny, and she told me that other day that she shed 9 inches off her waste. I don’t know where those inches went because she was already skinny! She’s spending $1,300 for 3 months of training from a personal trainer, so I’m glad it’s working, because that’s a TON of money. Have any of you had luck with a trainer?

How’s your spending going? Cut anything out of your budget?


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