Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates…

Hey everyone! I’m finally getting back to my regular posting. I flew back home yesterday and I’m very happy to be back since I’ve been gone for nearly 2 weeks. I’m glad that today I can finally update you all on my life (since you are all so interested).

Life is definitely going great by the way. Now that my MBA is done, my designation exams are all done and everything is going great in other areas, I’m pretty happy.

Vegas was a ton of fun. I will have to post some headless pictures soon (since I am mostly an anonymous blogger).

And from last Wednesday until last night I was in DC for work. I took a test on Sunday (a 36 page test!) and I’m really hoping that I passed. This is my last work test and then I can submit my finals items in and then should be getting my designation. WOOHOOO!

Also, lately I’ve been writing on a couple of blogs. Check out the posts that I have so far on My Multiple Incomes about Negotiating for a Higher Salary, Why You’re Not Saving Money, and Why Multiple Income Streams are Important.

This is a picture from our DC trip last year.

Didn’t take any pictures this time around.

My updates:

Spending: Spending hasn’t been the greatest, but this was expected. Everything was planned though. I didn’t spend too much in Vegas, as almost everything was free (WOOHOO on being a girl in Vegas). Also, all the food in DC and the super nice hotel was paid for as well, so it was just a free trip that was very relaxing (except for the studying for 12 hours a day).

However, yesterday when we got home, we hopped into the Jeep (yes the new one that we just bought). And it wouldn’t start. Turns out that I left the dome light on since last Tuesday and it completely killed and drained the battery. We had to buy a new battery last night for $130.

Extra Monthly Income: I haven’t been making as much as I’d like so far this month, but that’s mainly been because I’ve been gone. But I also haven’t been doing terrible. I finally got paid for my purse and I made around $400 from online income so far this month.

Budget Cutting: Now that I’m done with my MBA, I can finally start cooking at home more. I plan on analyzing our food budget again to see where we should go with this.

Food: I made dinner last night, but besides that I haven’t cooked in probably 2 weeks. That’s because I’ve been gone so I’m not really at fault for that :)I do plan on going grocery shopping today. We still have some items in our fridge/freezer that are still good. I’ll probably spend around $75 today to stock the fridge back up. We are good on meats and milk, so that will save some money right there.

Being healthy: I haven’t worked out much in 2 weeks, but that’s only because of the vacations and not having time. It’s hard to work out when you’re at a week-long bachelorette party, and then the very next week having work meetings in DC for 9 hours and then studying for a work test for 12 hours a day, with this being a work test that will cause you to lose your entire career if you fail. I will definitely get back into the routine though! And I’m still on the hunt for some good kickboxing classes around my house.

How’s your spending, working out and extra income going?

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