Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates…

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend. Yes I realize that my posting schedule is a little off. I’m trying to squeeze everything in before my vacation. Just too many ideas and things that I want to say!

I have a HUGE giveaway (along with 20’s Finances also) that will go live on Tuesday. Thanks to all of my sponsors. Over $650 in prizes will be given away. This includes a Kindle Fire and almost ALL of the rest is cash and gift cards. Get ready!

I’m going to Vegas this week! I’ll be back on Sunday at around midnight. It’ll be a rough day working on Monday the 13th 🙂 I will definitely check my e-mail and my blog as much as I can, but it’ll be hard to make any promises.

These next two weeks will be really busy for me. Between planning a whole bachelorette party, being gone for a whole 5 days, then coming home to work for 2 days and then leaving again for DC for 5 days, I have no time for anything! But it will be a really great time, I know it.

My updates:

School: NO MORE SCHOOL! Just wanted to include it this very last time 🙂

Spending: I haven’t bought anything this past week, but I know that my spending while in Vegas definitely be higher than usual. It is all budgeted for though. I also still need to buy a couple more bachelorette party items for the vacation, but everyone will be pitching in for that so I’m not too worried.

Extra Monthly Income: I didn’t make too much this week. Around $50 in easy mystery shops and around $100 from blog income (this was built up). Hopefully it picks up soon though!

A lot of you asked for tips on selling online, so I plan on making a post for that soon. Does anyone have any specific questions that they would like me to address?

Budget Cutting: I didn’t cut anything out. I’m thinking this section will have to leave my updates soon since I haven’t been doing anything with it.

Food: We did much better with food last week. Since I knew I would be out of town this week (for Vegas of course!), we tried eating in as much as we possibly could, and it worked out well. I tried new recipes and everything was very tasty. Now, this week will be a different story since I will have to eat out everyday I’m gone, but I’m not too worried. It’s all budgeted for.

Being healthy: I’ve been doing better with this. I really want to find a kickboxing class. I looked into some places around where I live, and they want a lot of money. I just don’t know if I can part with my money when I could probably just try to do things at home instead.

How’s your spending, working out and extra income going?



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