St. Thomas and $3,038 in Extra Income

A couple of you have asked me to do a full St. Thomas recap since you will be going on vacation there soon, so look forward to that! We both took tons of pictures. We spent a lot of time at the beach, got really sun burned, SUPed (for the first time!), went kayaking, and went parasailing (first time for this also). We didn’t leave the resort once in the whole 5 days but had tons of fun. Usually I explore the area where I go on a vacation to, but we decided to just stay and have a relaxing time at the resort.

I announced the winner to my Novica giveaway but haven’t heard back yet. If your name is Erika, please check the Facebook post where I announced the giveaway so that you can see if it’s you. I want to give you your certificate code! 🙂

Oh yeah, and go congratulate my sister, she is now a personal trainer! AND this is my birthday month so you all better be super nice to me for the rest of May. I kid, I kid, you should be nice to me all the time 🙂 I definitely know what I want for my birthday, and that is a stand-up paddle board.


I don’t think we did any spending outside of the vacation budget. Earlier in May, our dryer did break though. Luckily we had a gift card that was good at Lowes which covered the whole purchase. It made having to replace the dryer not hurt our budget at all.

Extra Income (does not include income from our main jobs)

Extra income has been good for this month so far. I’m expecting a couple of payments this week. Affiliate income is still doing awesome. It’s nice to know that when I was on vacation, that you awesome readers were still clicking on my affiliate links. Of course I don’t count that as income until I actually receive it (usually 45 to 60 days after you click on the link), but it is still nice to know that future income has been made.

Not sure if this should be included in my Extra Income section, but I did win $85 to Starbucks last week. WOOHOO! I haven’t spent money at Starbucks in what seems like forever because I seem to constantly win Starbucks gift cards from giveaways.

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Food – Clean Eating!

We are still doing good with our food spending, but it’s hard to say because I’ve been gone for 5 days and W can’t cook to save his life (I have no idea what/if he’s been eating while I’ve been gone). But this is a new week and I know we will do awesome! What’s on your meal plan? Share any links, recipes, pictures and so on in the comments below.

Being healthy

I’m still doing great with being healthy. Our hotel room was on the 7th floor and we took the stairs nearly every single time (except for when we had luggage), which means something! We also worked out at the gym here. It was only one time, but seriously those stairs killed us. After we went down the 7 floors, it was also another 98 (maybe 96?) steps down to the pool and beach area, and we walked that EVERY single time as well. I should have killer legs now.

Have you been doing well with your extra income, spending and being healthy?

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