Student Loan Update and $805 in Extra Income

Last week I was super sick. Not sure what happened but I was pretty much just crying in pain for 5 days straight. Of course it was a perfect weekend with awesome weather and I had to miss most of that because I didn’t start to feel better until Sunday afternoon! Oh well, just glad that I’m feeling better.

Yesterday was W’s mom’s birthday and we had a BBQ and it was a lot of fun. And tomorrow is my birthday 🙂

We would love to buy a house in his parents’ historic neighborhood, but they never go for sale. The house to the left went up for sale the other day and we have been seriously thinking about it. We drove by and took this picture and can’t stop looking at it. It’s over 100 years old but completely renovated on the inside and looks very nice. Oh if only we were ready to buy right now… Our current house is still awesome and we don’t feel like going through the process of selling it right now.

I announced the winner to my Novica giveaway but never heard from her. I announced a new winner and already sent her the certificate code. Congrats to Cat at Budget Blonde!

Student Loan Update

I know, I know, around a month ago, I said that my student loans would be done in either April or May. Then recently I said May for sure. Well, it looks like the official date will be June. We have the money saved, but it would drain our emergency fund, so we have decided not to. We don’t want to touch any retirement accounts or drain our EF.

Why will we not reach the May goal? Well, we came across some good investment opportunities and dived into that. W has been wanting to start a side hustle for quite some time, but I’ve always said no and that we need to SAVE SAVE SAVE. Well, that’s not very fair of me, so the other day he took some cash and started a side hustle with his dad in an area where they have expertise. I think it’ll work out great! The return is higher than what my interest rates on my student loans are, so I figured it was still a good value.

Have you slowed any debt repayment to take advantage of something like this? A good investment, a new house purchase, etc.? Tell me all about it!


We did some spending last week. I spent around $100 on clothes (hey, I need some summer clothes!) and W spent around $150 because he needed new work slacks. He must be growing because his pants have all become high-waters. So yes, we spent around $250 on clothes. Other than that, I don’t believe we spent any money.

Extra Income (does not include income from our main jobs)

Extra income was a little low last week (but I’m not complaining!) mainly because I was playing catch up after my vacation and I was sick for 5 days last week. UGH that’s what sickness does to you! Still though, $805 (not including my office job) is still a good week. I have a lot of playing catch up this week since I didn’t get much done last week. I’m expecting a couple of payments this week also which will make up for it.

Affiliate income is still doing great but I’m thinking about getting into more areas so that I can ramp this up. I have been thinking about my extra income a lot lately and where I want to take it. I would like to keep diversifying so that I can rely on my side hustle income more and maybe even dive into self-employment entirely. Any tips?

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Being healthy

I have not been doing the best with this in the past week. I was very sick last week, and could hardly eat anything. I definitely plan on changing that this week! Also, I didn’t work out at all since I was sick. Even just sitting down felt like I was killing myself!

Have you been doing well with your extra income, spending and being healthy?


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