Stuff I’m Loving Saturday

I’m so glad today is Saturday. I have a lot of stuff that I would like to do, but as most of you know, I usually do nothing. You guys really need to start leaving mean comments and telling me to do things (ok please don’t, I’m just joking).

I’m hoping no one takes offense to any of the pins above (I think they’re funny!)

Does anyone watch the ID channel (I think it stand for Investigative Discovery, not sure)? It’s just full of true murder mysteries and stories 24/7. Well, me and the BF have been watching it nonstop and I am pretty much afraid to do anything. When I get out of my car after work, I have to run across my driveway to the door and I do numerous other things that are probably making my neighbors think I’m crazy.

Here’s that list of thing’s that I tried doing last week and everything else that I need to do:

  1. Go to carpet places (doubt this will happen) -Well this didn’t happen last weekend, so hopefully soon. I really want to paint the floor white and have floors like this. What do you guys think of white floors?

  2. Lots of homework to do this weekend

  3. Buy a bookshelf and build the others

  4. Deposit some checks that I got from secret shopping and surveys

  5. Put frames up that I bought a super long time ago

  6. Clean the house ugghhh

What are your plans for the weekend?


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