Summer is a cash sucker

In the summertime, I always find that I spend much more money than usual. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. There are always so many more things to do in the summer it seems like. There are plenty of weddings, BBQs, holidays like 4th of July and so on. Summer is definitely my favorite time of the year, and I LOVE it.

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I went to St. Thomas in May (yes, I do realize that is not summer, but it is close), and that was some money spent. I’m also going to Chicago for a bachelorette party this month. In August, I am also going to New Orleans for a week, and I know for a fact that this trip will be a money sucker.

Air conditioning

Our air conditioning expense has gone up, but that’s only normal because it gets hot here.

Lawn care

We recently hired someone to take care of our lawn. We spend less than $100 per month for them to mow our lawn, which seems like a good deal to me. I hate doing it and so does W. We will probably take over next year though. With the summertime, also comes increased water usage because all of the grass would die quickly if we didn’t water it in the heat.


I bought my wedding dress on Saturday! I spent a little over $1,600. I know, not the most frugal, but I fell in love with it. The place I went to was awesome and it seemed like they only had the prettiest of dresses. It was hard to choose since I loved everything. I did stay under my dress budget of $2,000 and am happy with that. She also measured me and said that I should fit into the dress perfectly when my size comes in, and that I should have very minimal alteration costs, if any. WIN!

We also spent money on engagement photos, but those were well worth it to me as well. I’ll be posting those either this week or next on my blog. I did post some on my Twitter, so you can get a quick glimpse there too.

Do you tend to spend more money in the summer?

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