Sunday Confessions

Here’s what I’ve done this week that I need to confess:

  1. I really want to work out and be more toned, but I’m finding no motivation in this. I don’t remember the last time I worked out, probably before Halloween.

  2. I have seriously thought about taking down my whole Christmas tree just because I want to put different lights on the tree. This would be so much work though. And everyone thinks I’m crazy for wanting to do this.

  3. I’ve caught myself talking about my dogs way too much to people who don’t care. People think I’m insane and I’m really starting to notice the eye rolls.

  4. I’m really hating my shopping problem. I’m starting to get stuck back in my old cycle of spending too much money when I could be paying down my student debt. When I finish my closet transformation, I will have to show you guys a picture of the endless amount of clothes that I have because it’s really ridiculous. It’s come to the point that whenever I have people over, my friends will make the new people go into my closet to make fun of me.

  5. I get overly excited about Christmas and people also think I’m insane for that. I constantly have the biggest smile on my face (which is a good thing people!) but people just think it’s a creepy smile.

  6. As I’m typing this, I’m watching my neighbors leaves fly into my yard and I just want to walk outside and blow them back on over because I’m sick of this. I don’t know why this upsets me because the BF rakes, not me, so it’s just something that he’ll have to do .

What are your confessions?


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