Sunday Confessions

Over at Live Simply-Live Well, there have been really funny and interesting weekly confession posts, and I thought I’d join. Here’s what I’ve done this week that I need to confess:

  1. I always text my friends and tell them I’m driving and I’m super close, but most of the time I’m not even done being ready.

  2. I spent way too much money on Friday. I’d like to not talk about the amount too much. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. However, I think I’m still going to be under budget for Christmas. So that’s good!

  3. I’m a craaaazy dog person. I bought an $80 dog mattress (yes an actual mattress) on Friday.

  4. To everyone who waited at retail store for Black Friday for a whole entire week (and had tents), I don’t understand you. If you worked for that whole week you would probably make more money than what you are saving. And you would probably be more sane, less hungry, not sick from the cold and more comfortable.

  5. I’ve been telling myself all week that I will do homework and get ahead in my classes, but nope. Haven’t done anything this week that was productive (outside of work).

What are your confessions?


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