Sunday Confessions

Over at Live Simply-Live Well, there have been really funny and interesting weekly confession posts, and I thought I’d join. Here’s what I’ve done this week that I need to confess:

  1. I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere and anytime. Last night I fell asleep while I was waiting for the BF to finish working out (yes I waited in the car instead of working out because I was feeling extra lazy) and I fell asleep while over at someone’s house. Usually when I get too much sleep in the same day, then I do this. It doesn’t make sense. And it also doesn’t matter how loud it is.

  2. Right when I get home, I immediately put on my pajamas, no matter what. Even if I have to be somewhere soon after I get home, I always make sure I have my pajamas on for at least a second so that I can relax.

  3. I’m a craaaazzzzy dog person. I have a major problem. I’m almost like one of those people that post 100 pictures of their kids onto their Facebook page everyday (except with dogs, which makes me crazier).

  4. I don’t take my dogs out for enough walks. I feel horrible for this. I have a decent size backyard and I’ll play with them out there, but I don’t walk them everyday. I can’t take my Frenchie for a dog anyways (because he has bad breathing problems), but I feel like my big dog hates me for it.

  5. I have a problem with watching Say Yes to the Dress. Does anyone else watch this? It’s so addicting and I don’t know why.

  6. I’m loving all of the giveaways lately. Check out The Color Issue’s giveaway.

What are your confessions?



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