Sunday Happenings

Hey everyone! It’s Sunday already. Of course I have another long list of things to do. Didn’t do too much yesterday, I was feeling extremely lazy.

Long list of things to do:

  1. Clean the house

  2. Work out

  3. Group project meet-up

  4. Homework

  5. Study for another test

  6. Watch a class recording (our class was canceled awhile back and she wants us to be back on track so she recorded a whole class period and now we have to watch and listen BLAH)

We’re still trying to decide on the vacation. We are just super indecisive. Stuck between Kauai and Maui now. Any ideas? And the forecast for rain doesn’t sound too pleasant. So I guess that’s why I’m indecisive. Not sure what we would do if it rained the whole time.

What are you doing today?



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