Switched to WordPress and Weekly Roundup

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week. I’m glad it’s Friday and that I’ll soon be off work!

Work was crazy busy this week also. I definitely need to relax this weekend! I have a JDRF walk this weekend and then doing a little Oktoberfest celebrations as well.

The switch to WordPress went great. I prefer WP over Blogger much more! The only thing that makes me sad is that I lost about 700 subscribers in the switch, so if you subscribed via Google Friend Connect, please resubscribe! I know you want to keep reading my posts anyways 🙂

And sorry if my posts all showed up multiple times in your feed, a lot of people told me about this. It seems that a lot of them republished as new posts for some reason. I really hate that it did this, because I’ve seen this happen to others before and it’s definitely annoying.

I’m sorry for all of the sponsored posts this week as well. I know it was most likely extremely annoying. They all came in at once. Won’t happen again!

Oh yeah, and I recently found out that someone I know blogs. I have been commenting on her blog forever and have been dumb and did not realize it was her until just the other day! AHHH So much for being anonymous. And my friends were talking about her last night and how they think blogging is weird.

So I definitely will not be telling my friends about it anytime soon. Oh well, their loss. They just don’t understand how addicting it is!

Also, don’t forget to enter my $100 cash giveaway!

What are your plans?

Posts I loved this week:

  1. Why Being Out of Style is Cool @ Club Thrifty

  2. Stretched too thin or just whiny? @ Money After Graduation

  3. How learning to manage my finances has helped my health out @ Bog of Debt

  4. How I Moved Across the Country in 3 Weeks @ Blonde on a Budget

  5. Being Able To Say “Fuck You” Is The Ultimate Financial Luxury @ TeacHer Finance

  6. Breaking the Bank in Search of Everlasting Beauty @ Mo Money Mo Houses

  7. Paying Down my Loan @ Add Vodka

  8. Why I Write @ So Over This

  9. I Need To Start Exercising Again! @ Call me what you want, even cheap

Hope you have a great weekend!

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