TaxChat – What Would You Rather Be Doing Than Taxes?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you looking for a less painful way to do taxes?

If you’re reading this post, I’m assuming so!

Tax day is soon – just around one month away. Hopefully, I’m not starting a panic because I hope you already know, haha!

If you are like the average person, there is a chance that you probably haven’t started your tax return yet.

Just because you haven’t started yet, don’t let that hold you back!

I recently heard about a new company called TaxChat. They have a pretty awesome service that some of you may be interested in when it comes to filing your taxes. They make it extremely easy to file your tax return, plus it’s affordable and it’s done by a professional tax preparer, so you know it will be done correctly.

Their iPhone App (download link) takes the pain out of filing taxes for folks that don’t want to do-it-themselves or find an in-person tax preparer.

Think Uber for tax preparation!

With their phone app, Tax Chat easily and automatically finds the tax preparers for a person. It’s all done from your cell phone, so you never have to step a single foot into a tax office. You can easily pay through your cell phone, and TaxChat securely stores a copy of your tax return as well so that you can access it well into the future if you ever need it.

How do you get started with TaxChat?

To start your tax return through TaxChat, you just have to answer 14 easy questions about the previous year. These include questions such as:

  1. Did you have a job?

  2. Did you have a mortgage?

After answering these easy and simple 14 questions, you will be given a fixed fee for tax preparation (the fee you are quoted at the beginning stays the same through the very end of the process, so you can rest and be assured that it won’t increase when your tax return is about to be submitted) and you will also be told the exact documents that you need to find. You are then connected by chat to a member of TaxChat’s network of tax preparers.

It’s very easy to use this phone app as well. To give your tax preparer any needed documents, all you have to do is upload the documents through your phone or online. You can even just screenshot documents with your phone and submit them that way.

Yes, it’s really that easy!

My opinion of TaxChat.

TaxChat sounds pretty awesome, right?! I love how they make tax time much easier, their fees are known, you know exactly what documents are needed for your tax return, and how easy it is to submit them. Being able to get your tax return done through your cell phone can save an incredible amount of time!

Tax Chat is also currently running a contest. If you win, you can receive $1,000 plus a free tax return! All you have to do is click here, follow the steps, and finish this sentence and tweet – “I’d rather be _________ than doing taxes.”

Have you finished your tax return this year? Are you interested in trying out TaxChat? Why or why not?

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