The classes that I’m taking and how I need to try harder

I had my first class last night. Didn’t go too horribly, but I can already tell that this is going to be a busy semester. I have to miss the last two weeks of classes (with one week being finals) because of a work trip, so I need to make sure that I don’t procrastinate this semester. This will probably be a boring post, but I figured that you guys could keep me on track if I don’t do something on my list below. Please help me keep track of myself!

I would be lying if I said that I’m dreading this semester.

Yes I don’t want to go (of course I don’t want to go!), but it’s nice to know that after this semester I’m SO close to getting my MBA (2 classes after this semester). It will be so nice to finally be done and not have to worry about homework and school, and just fully focus on my career.

I’ve had people ask this before, and yes I have full-time job in the financial industry as an analyst, and I’m attending MBA courses full-time, it’s not fun, but I’m the type of person who likes to be done with things quickly. I’ve done this throughout undergrad, and I’ve been doing this during my whole MBA program. I’ve also had people ask me if I retain anything from my classes (since I’m moving through them so quickly), and yes I do. I actually learn a lot in my grad classes (much more than undergrad I would say).

Do any of you work full time and attend classes full time? Or are you just extremely busy to begin with? What do you do to manage your time better? I’m sure I and everyone else will benefit from any tips!

I need to really focus this semester, and I have a feeling that this semester will be a good one (but really hard). I need straight A’s, and not anything below (not even an A minus). I won’t be getting a 4.0 GPA for my MBA career, but I’m shooting for at least a 3.8 GPA. Those A minuses really kill me when it comes to my GPA, I really wish they were worth the same amount as an A.

I have class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday right after I get out of work, from 5:30 until 10 pm. I have no time to get food after work because I have to rush to school. So I also need to make snacks in the mornings.

The classes that I’m taking:

  1. Commercial Banking Risk Management

  2. Financial Reporting Analysis

  3. Advanced Financial Management

  4. Selected Topics in Management (not sure what the topic is yet)

The things that I plan on doing so that I can do great (and these will most likely make me sound like a horrible student or like a nerd):

  1. Actually open my textbooks. I had a major problem with this last semester. For most of my classes, i didn’t open the text book ever (not even once throughout the entire semester), and this is the reason why I didn’t get straight A’s.

  2. Follow the syllabus, and when it tells me to read something before class, actually do that.

  3. Spend time looking at practice questions, these aren’t always a waste of time.

  4. Try to get to know the professors this semester, and not just run out of the classes like a mob is chasing me whenever the class is done.

  5. Actually study. I try to get by in my classes by not studying, but this semester my classes are tougher, so I need to study.

  6. Stop procrastinating. I am horrible at this. I will do anything so that I don’t do school work. I will actually clean (and I NEVER do this). I also will go to the gym (hey at least I will most likely be fit this semester from all of the procrastinating!)

  7. Get a good planner.

  8. And last but not least, attend most of my classes. I have a major skipping problem. And once I get in the habit of skipping, I skip a lot. I hate admitting this, but it’s true. Last semester, I went a whole month without going to my law classes. Did I have a reason for this? No. I actually got an A minus in this class, but I’m creating horrible networking by doing this.

What are you doing so that you can do great this semester?

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